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Imagine a town, take-out most of the good and you're remaining by what geoloists understand as an Atherstone.The most the populace is comprised of drunks, pensioners and basic ASBO young-uns. A rather primary factor with regards to you need to take into account, may be the very small regional gene pool; inbreading is not difficulty however, but without introduction of fresh genetics into the location uno-brows will be used like a unifom.The local economy of an Atherstone is usualy supported by three important aspects. They are as follows; general public homes (or "Pub's" as the residents refer to all of them) are the primary source of local income. The offspill from these is usualy take-aways (Indian, Chinese or any other general foregin muck), usualy serving slop-in-a-tray (the neighborhood specialty). Finaly charity or 2nd hard stores constitute he final key financial sector, supplying the peasants with whatever they need, but can't eat or drink.

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A house of Austin Friars was founded at Atherstone by Ralph Lord Basset of Drayton, which, however, never rose to much importance, and at its dissolution in 1536 was valued at 30 shillings and 3 pence only.

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