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Athens, GA is a little university city in north-eastern Georgia. Through to the very early 1980is the just thing it was known for was being the house of this University of Georgia while the Georgia Bulldog soccer staff. That's before B=52's played at an event on Milledge STreet across from the Taco stay! Then all hell smashed loose. Shortly other rings like r.e.m., Pylon and love tractor (among other people) decided to emerge many of these also got popular. the others got semi popular! R.e.m. has become the most famous. r.e.m. tend to be Rich also. Quickly various other artists moved to Athens, plainly hoping there was clearly anything within the water to make them rich and famous stone stars too. Folks started to relocate to Athens in hopes of glimpsing, or even better, becoming friends with members of r.e.m. or about sleeping with one of those which can be, or ended up being, obviously quite simple to do. Athens remains recognized for a bustling music and art scene and all sorts of types of imaginative appearance are promoted and supported. ARt openings tend to be as extensively attended as Frat parties, but by an entirely various crowd thank heavens.. Frat and sorority users sometimes go directly to the taverns and clubs where the artsy crowd goes.. but that is and then capture a glimpse of michael stipe hanging out at bar - about that they are known to rapidly text their friends...the Artsy group does not get back the benefit and never go right to the frat pubs... Athens can be home to Wuxtry documents, among the best samples of a dying breed of record store where you are able to however purchase vinyl recordings and where in actuality the staff are all encyclopedia's of music understanding. The town hosts strange landmarks like Tree That Owns Itself additionally the prince ave. Baptist chapel and a road known as Nowhere path...Athens remains a delightful place to stay and raise kids. Where, if you're able to get a hold of a job you really can afford to reside pretty much, among a smart liberal progressive and thinking neighborhood.