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An atheist just who attempts to mask his/her deep-rooted emotions of intellectual inadequacy by discussing theists as "religiotards" or "creatards."An atheist, athei-ag, Latheist or athe-head which believes (quite stupidly) it's cool to bully theists and call them brands.A mean-spirited atheist which helps it be his/her life objective to produce theists because unhappy as he or she is. noun:A person that is so blinded by their particular opposition to anything spiritual which they appear, to those not revealing their extreme non-beliefs, to have already been stunted at some time inside their emotional development. Him or her are available in conversation teams taunting men and women planning to talk about issues regarding unique religion, and tend to be present in teams having no want to read their particular posts.whenever confronted by folks perhaps not revealing their non-beliefs, they both say something asinine, making enjoyable of the individual's belief, and putting around insults attempting to belittle the particular one confronting them.