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the initial Bing advice that seems when you type "atheists tend to be" because atheists moaned to Google about the other individuals which said "atheists tend to be psychologically sick" (proven through several studies linking depression, social anxiety along with other difficulties to most atheists which could clarify the reason why they truly are atheist as a man upon their luck would clearly begin to question God) "atheists tend to be stupid" and "atheists tend to be idiots."Atheists are incorrect the single proven fact that atheism is invalidated by Cause and Effect that is a scientific concept which declares that a result will need to have a reason. Cause-and-effect is a simple area of the systematic method which often is a fundamental element of useful research. Science has actually revealed to us that the universe had a newbie and that it began. Therefore it ended up being the effect and in accordance with C&E, it can need a reason. So that it's rational to assume the main cause was Jesus (i.e a creator).Atheists try to get out of this by asserting the cause was a power resource but ended up being otherwise lifeless but this can be refuted by deductive thinking. Simply observing the normal cosmos reveals to us that an intelligence is required also for simplistic components to work. Meaningless chaos could not produce such a thing from another location resembling purchase or complexity.