What does Atheistian mean?

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An atheistian (atheist + Christian) is a stereotypical militant atheist just who really treats atheism like a religion.While atheistians will definitely deny that atheism "is just another religion", they will have a collection of unwritten rules which they needs all people in the "atheist neighborhood" to followBasically a "true atheist" (according to atheistians) is somebody who is just one or higher associated with following - a communist, socialist, liberal activist, radical feminist, tree hugging environmentalist, benefit junkie, emo kid, goth, computer system geek, fat fuck, virgin, homosexual, weeaboo, D&D geek, social reject, aspie, basement dweller, or just a straight up whiney-ass loser generally whom bitches about "atheist persecution" but is less tolerant than lots of fundies.Any atheist who doesn't fit this label (ex. promoting gun ownership liberties, maybe not voting for the Socialist Party, playing sports, having a sex life, appreciating mainstream flicks and songs, perhaps not sporting a neckbeard, an such like) is considered on par with a religious heretic because of the atheistians and despised even more than Christians.