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Atheism is bullshit. Atheists tend to be wrong when it comes to only undeniable fact that atheism is invalidated by Cause and Effect that is a scientific principle which declares that an effect should have a cause. Cause-and-effect is significant an element of the systematic technique which is a fundamental part of useful science. Technology has revealed to us the universe had a new and that it began. In order that it ended up being the consequence and relating to C&E, it could need an underlying cause. Therefore it's logical to believe the cause had been God (in other words a creator).Atheists try to get out of this by asserting your cause ended up being an electricity source but ended up being otherwise lifeless but this will be refuted by deductive thinking. Merely observing the natural cosmos shows to united states that an intelligence is required also for simplistic systems to operate. Mindless chaos would not create anything remotely resembling order or complexity.