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Insanely underrated & basically not known very first hip-hop task effort of now Black Eyed Peas people can i Am (known as Will1X at that time) & Apl De App. They were finalized to Ruthless registers by Eazy E, unfortunately Gangster Rap had been the popular form of music at the time (1993) & co-inciding aided by the death of Eazy E as a result of HELPS Atban Klanns debut album had been shelved given that it ended up being considered unsellable & for that reason not profitable, they consequently got fallen after. Rare couple of copies exist from it & fortunately it's found its solution to YouTubeThe album had been a fusion of mellow jazz with rap where the words were positive and positive akin to that De Los Angeles Soul & types of former rap tracks included since tributes. When demonstrated to buddies who despise BEPs digital phase expect results of jaws dropping towards flooring at just how will most likely & Apl have proved.