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home Computer, aka pc, of this belated 1970s. Notable models were the 400, 800, and 800XL. The 1200XL really arrived prior to the 800XL and had been a tale. The 65XE had been simply an 800XL made over to resemble a Commodore 64. A few of these designs included a-game cartridge slot which was appropriate for the then-current Atari online game cartridges. The 800XL came with 64k of RAM. Many people wondered what we would ever before do with this much memory. An external 5.5 inches floppy disk or cassette deck drive was optional. The whole computer system ended up being included in the keyboard. Atari computer systems generally utilized an external converter that reproduced both video and audio through a television. Atari computers quickly lost share of the market into the 1980s due to Atari's preoccupation with game titles and online game systems making sure that whenever Atari workers Steve work and Steve Wozniak developed the initial Apple computer system, they had to begin their own company to create it. Atari was home Computer to own through to the Apple arrived on the scene. As ended up being standard for age of Atari's golden age, their computers only had standard os's, therefore many operating instructions had been written into each software program. Their particular primary competitor, Commodore, entered the marketplace later, with property Computer that has beenn't advantageous to much besides games and homemade cards, while Atari was still better at those tasks because of better color and sound help. For a time, more Commodores were offered than Ataris due to better advertising and marketing. Various other players because age included the Timex/Sinclair as well as the TI 99/A. Atari sooner or later developed IBM-compatible PCs inside belated 1980s, however it was inadequate, and way too belated.