What does Ataman mean?

Ataman meaning in General Dictionary

A hetman or main associated with Cossacks

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  • A hetman, or chief associated with the Cossacks.

Ataman - German to English


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  • otaman
  • vataman
  • wataman

Ataman meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A hetman, or main of this Cossacks.

Sentence Examples with the word Ataman

The assembly of all householders in villages of less than 30 households, and of 30 elected men in villages having from 30 to 300 households (dne from each io households in the more populous ones), constitutes the village assembly, similar to the mir, but having wider attributes, which assesses the taxes, divides the land, takes measures for the opening and support of schools, village grain-stores, communal cultivation, and so on, and elects its ataman (elder) and its judges, who settle all disputes up to fio (or above that sum with the consent of both sides).

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