What does At a Medium Pace mean?

At a Medium Pace meaning in Urban Dictionary

A fucked up, but extremely funny song by Adam Sandler from their 1993 record they truly are All going to Laugh at You!.Lyrics:Put your hands around me babyCan't the thing is that i want you soHold me close against your skini am about to beginLovin' youSpit in your hand and stroke my cockAt a medium pacePlay with my balls and tell meHow huge these are typicallyHoney, rub your beaverUp and down my faceSit in the corner of the bedAnd watch me whack offYou see that hair care bottleNow stick it up my assPush it in and outAt a medium paceTalk regarding your old boyfriend's dickAnd how large it wasNow shave down my pubesAnd strike myself within the faceWhoa darlin'Make me press my penis and ballsBack between my legsCall me an ugly womanAnd take my photo to showAll the individuals you work withNow pull-up my scrotumAnd make the hair care bottleOut of my assPretend I'm the pizza delivery guyAnd watch me whack offStrap on a dildoAnd make me give you headTell us to slow downAnd do so at a medium paceI feel therefore humiliatedi am planning to strike my loadYou let me know it is time to make loveBut today I can't'Cause I spewed all over myselfThen you appear into my eyesAnd you realizeHow a lot i love lovin' youI'm so sorry I spunked back at my stomachMaybe next time I'll be much better at lovin' you