What does At Par mean?

At Par meaning in Finance Dictionary

The purchase of a security, typically a bond, at a price add up to its face price.

At Par meaning in Law Dictionary

When a security offers at its par value only.

At Par meaning in Business Dictionary

At equality. Two currencies tend to be reported to be "at par" if they're dealing one-for-one. The significance is much more psychological after that financial, nevertheless lengthy decline of this Canadian buck "below par" with all the U.S. buck, additionally the more recent variation associated with euro between above and below par, additionally with the U.S. dollar, has been cause for concern.

Sentence Examples with the word At Par

In 1900 the maximum rate was 107.32, and the minimum 105.40, but in 1901 rates fell considerably, and were at par in 1902-1909.

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