What does At Limit mean?

At Limit meaning in Finance Dictionary

An order to get shares around a maximum cost or sell down seriously to a minimum cost.For instance an investor may put a limit purchase purchasing stocks at £12 where the existing pricing is say £15 and falling. In the event that price levels at £13 and goes up once again the order would not be placed. If the price fell to £12 or under, the buyer's purchase will be placed therefore the optimum he or she would pay is £12. The idea about a limit purchase is the fact that the customer understands exactly what their publicity is.on the other hand whenever a client places an 'at most readily useful' purchase, the agent will complete the purchase on most readily useful price on the 'order book' during the time, in addition to client may not be yes what that price is going to be.

At Limit meaning in Law Dictionary

whenever a real estate agent is informed to purchase at an unique price or sell at that price in a particular time period.

At Limit meaning in Business Dictionary

Instruction to an agent or agent to purchase an item below a particular price, or to offer it at above a certain price, within a specified timeframe.