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This is not correlating into real systematic term at all, form, or form. This really is strictly slang we began for any other purposes. My term Astronaut match refers to anything clothing item you possess that will cause you to feel "flyer" than anyone. And being a known fact, the Astronaut flies greater than any person on the planet. Higher than a Commercial Jet Pilot. More than an Air power Member piloting an F18. So high, they achieve top of the Thermosphere and finally area. A White Tuxedo is a great example of an Astronaut match. A true Astronaut match is a rather uncommon sighting since it strictly enforces the multiple ownership of a White Tuxedo, White Dress Shoes, White Gloves, White AGV Helmet with Gold Visor, and is finished because of the people driving of an all White MV Agusta F4 Tamburini 1000. Which is custom coated since this Italian - crafted Superbike is only accessible to the general public in Black, Grey, and Red.Combine these elements and you have your self a fully certified Astronaut Suit.On another helpful note - Astronaut fits are most precisely found cruising the lower levels of our environment. Most frequently the Troposphere. Inside level you can view the sights and employ the sunlight's direct rays you illuminate your silhouette, guaran-fucking-teeing your presence becoming acknowledged. Whenever patroling the reduced Atmosphere in your certified fit, make sure you stop by the Himalayan Mountain string to pass through over Mt. Everest and cause the highest amount of Albedo ever before recorded in the world. It is easily recorded because every thing within a 6,000 mile distance is certainly going temporarily blind from your own epicness. Course dismissed