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the item of hatred for large number of women across the planet! The cause of size suicides of a huge selection of fangirls! An irritating, undeserving, rat-faced...okay okay I'll take action precisely...A pure blooded Slytherin witch with dark locks, and an excellent searching one also (dammit). Younger sister of Daphne Greengrass as well as 2 many years below Harry Potter at Hogwarts.Known for being the bloody lucky lady who extends to get married (the exceedingly hot, appealing, gorgeous) Draco Malfoy (curses! damn this lady!). She holds their boy (damn this lady once more!) Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy (who blatantly goes on to marry Rose Weasley, simply thought I would place that in), who begins at Hogwarts in 2016.Regarded with emotions ranging from slight jealousy to EXTREME HATRED by fangirls throughout the world, and subject to many plots which she dies horribly to enable them to simply take the woman destination (haw haw). Well, just what would you anticipate WE desired to marry him for crying aloud!