What does Astigmatic mean?

Astigmatic meaning in General Dictionary

Affected with or pertaining to astigmatism as astigmatic eyes in addition remedying astigmatism as astigmatic contacts

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  • of or associated with a defect within the attention or in a lens caused by a deviation from spherical curvature which prevents light rays from conference at a typical focus therefore leads to distorted photos
  • Affected with, or related to, astigmatism; since, astigmatic eyes; also, remedying astigmatism; because, astigmatic contacts.

Astigmatic meaning in Medical Dictionary

talking about astigmatism or an individual with astigmatism, a common kind of visual impairment by which part of an image is blurred, as a result of an irregularity within the curvature for the front area regarding the attention, the cornea, or for the lens inside the attention. The bend associated with the astigmatic cornea is formed more like an American baseball or a rugby baseball without a normal spherical basketball. Light rays going into the attention you will find not consistently centered on the retina. Rays entering through more-curved area tend to be concentrated before the rays coming through less-curved area. The light is focused plainly along one plane but is blurred over the various other. The end result is blurred vision after all distances. Only part of what you are actually considering is within obvious focus at anyone time.

Astigmatic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1849; see astigmatism + -ic.

Astigmatic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) impacted with, or related to, astigmatism; since, astigmatic eyes; additionally, remedying astigmatism; as, astigmatic lenses.

Sentence Examples with the word Astigmatic

Systems in which the two astigmatic surfaces coincide are termed anastigmatic or stigmatic.

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