What does Asthenia mean?

Asthenia meaning in General Dictionary

wish or losing strength debility diminution associated with the important causes

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  • an unusual lack of power
  • Alt. of Astheny

Asthenia meaning in Medical Dictionary

Weakness. Not enough energy and strength. Reduced strength. Myasthenia refers to a loss of muscle energy, as with myasthenia gravis.

Asthenia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"weakness," 1802, contemporary Latin, from Greek asthenia "want of power, weakness, feebleness, vomiting; a sickness, a disease," from asthenes "weak, without energy, feeble," from a-, privative prefix (see a- (3)), + sthenos "energy," which will be of uncertain beginning.

Asthenia meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Lack of strength in the body; weakness; inability to perform excessive amounts of work.

Asthenia meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Astheny