What does Assyria mean?

Assyria meaning in Urban Dictionary

may be the area that corresponds to contemporary northern Iraq, indigenous to the semitic speaking Assyrian men and women

Assyria meaning in Names Dictionary

nation of Assur or Ashur. Non-gerderized Biblical name.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: feminine

Assyria meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Middle English, from Latin Assyria, from Greek Assyria, quick for Assyria ge "the Assyrian land," from fem. of Assyrios "pertaining to Assyria," from Akkadian Ashshur, title of the chief town regarding the kingdom also of a god, probably from Assyrian sar "prince." (See additionally Syria).

Assyria meaning in General Dictionary

an old kingdom in northern Mesopotamia that is in present-day Iraq

Sentence Examples with the word Assyria

On the other hand, the interrelation of events in Palestine and Syria during this period combine with the sudden prominence of Judah (under Uzziah) and the subsequent anti-Judaean and anti-Assyrian coalition (against Ahaz) to suggest that Uzziah had been supported by Assyria (cf.

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