What does Association Of Unit Trusts And Investment Funds mean?

Association Of Unit Trusts And Investment Funds meaning in Finance Dictionary

A trade connection formed in 1959, known then while the device Trust Association, to portray the passions of unit trusts and mutual funds. The Association had been rebranded AUTIF in April 1993 and merged aided by the Fund Manager's Association in February 2002 to form the Investment Management Association (IMA), a trade body when it comes to UNITED KINGDOM's #2,000bn asset management business. Its reported targets are: to make representations on British national on legislative, regulatory and taxation matters; to liaise using the Financial Services Authority alongside organisations in the united kingdom and European countries on regulatory matters alongside crucial problems; to improve general public awareness and understanding of financial investment funds; to get to improve criteria of learning the industry; to seek to incorporate individual finance knowledge to the college curriculum; to incorporate worth to user companies by giving all of them with information, assistance and support; to provide an information solution to exterior events interested in the actions of this UK investment resources industry.