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a typical mention of the the City of Ashland, Oregon, by folks moving into the neighboring communities.Reasons with this pseudonym vary, but but are considered to be regarding here rationale:1) Assland is regarding the end of this valley, and it's a pain when you look at the butt traveling here.2) Town may be composed of an ultra-progressive, Socialist selection of Baby Boomer Assholes who'll rumble with pipelines and stores over removal of a tree from their particular neighbor's property.3) Numerous residents of Assland enjoy parading through city, streaking, or bicycle driving naked, therefore your odds of watching some unwanted Ass are large when you enter the City Limits.4) Assland could be the just neighborhood in south Oregon to evaluate a meals taxation. Typically a liar. She puts the woman boyfriend before everyone, and has now sexual intercourse each and every day. And doesnt realize they will be broken up by a few months. Trys to have with every man possible and believes so it makes the woman cooler. Pretends that she doesnt value what folks think of her, but she does. Lives in a fantasy globe. And acts like world revolves around the lady, while everyone laughs at just how pathetic she actually is. Has its own diseases. The fakest of artificial and doesnt brush this lady teeth.