What does Asshole Meter mean?

Asshole Meter meaning in Urban Dictionary

The asshole meter is a way that one can rate yourself to find out if you are a whole and utter asshole. The meter goes like this.Level 1: Jerk, most likely in which people fall with this record, they are typically great folks but on occasion is a bit of a dickhead.Level 2: Dick, here is the guy whom you see calling women "his bitches" and trying to get on every girl he sees.Level 3: Douchebag, popped collar, locks gelled, glasses through the night, you know the deal.Level 4: Asshole, in the event that you rate here, then you most likely do not have numerous pals, you are an asshole everyday, you are that guy whom shout in the drive through worker for ten full minutes for forgetting the straw, or even the guy who would literally take candy from an infant.