What does Asshole Economics mean?

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could be the misuse of capitalism; there are two main components to Asshole Economics. Very first is cost gouging, the second is poor earnings. In cost gouging, the theory will be charge as much as the buyer is has got to spend, vice exactly how much a consumer is prepared to pay. The buying price of the item is based off a necessity; the greater the requirement, the bigger the purchase price. Housing, pharmaceuticals and fuel are much required items which are price gouged. Banks offering Adjustable Rate Mortgages get started with offering a monthly home loan of $500, then it rapidly increases to $2500 every month in a brief period of the time. Pay-Day financial loans are another example of Asshole Economics, they are legal loan sharks, plus they generally speaking target military, reasonable income and minorities. Advanced schooling is also responsible of the by asking excessive tuition charges and expensive text books, insuring that university is out of grab the working classes.In bad earnings; the asshole supervisors will undoubtedly be completely opposed to minimum wage, citing buzzwords like “competitive performance”. When minimal wages are enforced by the condition, the asshole economist is going to be making massive earnings, but nonetheless pay their employees barely enough to have them from leaving. To sum up this is of Asshole Economics; The rich stay wealthy, poor people will stay bad.