What does Asses up mean?

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Asses up is a-game played in parks, schoolyards or anywhere kids will find a large flat wall surface to put a baseball against, such as the one out of Buchmuller Park in Secaucus. The ball of choice is a sponge ball or “spongie,” or a tennis ball. Essentially, you have got 2 or maybe more children throwing the basketball contrary to the wall and every person has to catch the baseball. If you fall the basketball 1 or even more times (with regards to the guidelines set up), you need to put your butt facing the wall surface become beaned by each other person playing the overall game. Occasionally, the man putting the baseball can call-out someone’s name hence individual has got to become someone to get the ball. If you neglect to catch the baseball, ASSES UP! The video game will be a lot more pleasurable if you fool around with fat kids who aren’t quick enough to get the ball. Plus, their butts make great goals.