What does Assembly Line mean?

Assembly Line meaning in General Dictionary

Of related to or resembling an assembly line as an assembly-line process additionally utilized metaphorically as an assembly line educational system

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  • A line of machinery tools and employees on which things to-be manufactured tend to be moved from 1 post to a higher in which various workers perform different measures into the manufacturing procedure called also manufacturing range The objects becoming manufactured frequently proceed a type of conveyor buckle which will not fundamentally go just in a straight range but may continue across the factory area for many length
  • mechanical system in a factory wherein articles is communicated through sites of which successive operations are done about it

Assembly Line meaning in Urban Dictionary

The work of having a circle of Gay Men all having sex with each other creating a circle of anal penetration being penetrated.

Assembly Line meaning in Law Dictionary

device utilized by Henry Ford which will make cars. Each worker features one task to do that is repeated. The following worker takes on the second task. etc.... This is accomplished through to the finished product reaches the termination of the line. The employees could be peoples and non human. Its effic

Assembly Line meaning in Business Dictionary

a production tool, first made popular by Henry Ford in the production of cars. The principle of an assembly line is that each employee is assigned one extremely specific task, which he or she simply repeats, then the process moves to another worker who does their task, through to the task is completed and the item is manufactured. It's a method to mass-produce products quickly and efficiently. All workers don't have to be human; robotic employees will make up an assembly range and.

Sentence Examples with the word Assembly Line

No matter how good she is, how dedicated she is, the assembly line worker's wage is capped.

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