What does Assembler mean?

Assembler meaning in General Dictionary

one that assembles several individuals also certainly one of lots assembled

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  • a course to convert set up language into machine language
  • a person who assembles numerous people; also, certainly one of several assembled.

Assembler meaning in Law Dictionary

language utilized in computers which takes installation code and helps it be device language for some type of computer to utilize and comprehend. Make reference to complier and interpreter.

Assembler meaning in Business Dictionary

program writing language processor that translates an assembly language program (the origin program) into the device language system (the item system) executable by a computer. See also compiler and interpreter.

Assembler meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

system always convert or translate programs written in construction code to machine code. Some people could also reference assembly language or assembler language as assembler.

Assembler - German to English


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  • assembling program

Assembler meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

An assembler is an application that converts system language into device code. It requires the essential commands and operations from set up rule and converts all of them into binary code which can be identified by a certain type of processor. Assemblers act like compilers in that they produce executable rule. However, assemblers are far more simplistic because they only convert low-level signal (construction language) to machine code. Since each set up language is designed for a particular processor, assembling a program is performed making use of a straightforward one-to-one mapping from set up rule to device rule. Compilers, on the other hand, must convert generic high-level origin code into device rule for a certain processor. Many programs are printed in high-level programming languages and are compiled straight to device code using a compiler. But in many cases, system signal may be used to modify functions and ensure they do in a certain method. For that reason, IDEs frequently include assemblers to enable them to build programs from both high and low-level languages.

Assembler meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Person who assembles a number of individuals; additionally, among lots assembled.