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become Assanged1. While you are attacked on charges that you cannot immediately disprove and so are obligated to conceal, in many ways that reinforce mistaken general public perceptions people, toward benefit of your detractors, you have been Assanged.2. Broader meaning: when you yourself have strong openly voiced ethics and also you combat the corruption as well as the questionable ethos that pervades huge 21st Century organizations and, because of not able to target you lawfully, your title as well as your associations tend to be muddied through impressive - if childish and simply scripted - misinformation promotions, perhaps involving all four properties, and you're forced to disprove ambiguous fees and rumors that have been orchestrated primarily to tarnish your profile and distract the mob from truth, you've been Assanged.Named after Julian Assange, one of many founders & most prominent spokesperson of whistle-blower internet site Wikileaks. Mr. Assange is most notoriously associated with the release of a number of large choices of internal United States government documents regarding the Afghan and Iraq wars, and also US state dept. interior cables. Inside free-thinking community, Mr. Assange is more widely known for founding a web page that made its claim to fame by releasing documents that embarrassed numerous non-American governing bodies and corporations.