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Ass worship, clearly, in worship associated with the feminine ass. This rehearse is normally done when the male buries his face in to the luscious ass, enjoying the ass cheeks pushing against his face. There are some types of ass worship. 1) The Sandwich: This very first way of this task is possess feminine lying on her behalf tummy, her butt up. The guy will check out bury his face to the ass. Optional: Someone else will press their face harder into the butt. 2) Against the Wall: A man sits up against a wall and women backs her butt into their face, ensuring the woman ass is totally smothering his face. 3) The Crab: This position is hard to explain. The guy lies on to the floor, facing up. The female bends backwards, in order for her hands and feet are on the floor, but the woman stomach is dealing with the ceiling. The feminine after that rubs her butt to the people's face, again making sure she is smothering him. 4) The Prayer: a guy gets down on their knees and inserts their face in to the female's ass. Another way of ass worship is actually for a female become sitting on a chair, but the majority of the woman butt is hanging down. The man, on his knees, then digs in. It is strongly recommended that ass worship is performed as the feminine is either putting on underwear or a thong. Complete pants or nudity is certainly not advised. To get upon one's legs and bury that person in another person's luscious butt, paying tribute to its bootylicious excellence.