What does Aspiring mean?

Aspiring meaning in General Dictionary

That aspires as an Aspiring brain

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  • desiring or trying for recognition or development
  • of Aspire
  • That aspires; since, an Aspiring brain.

Aspiring meaning in Urban Dictionary

somebody who is consistently making away just as if they're going to achieve something.Someone just who permanently gives the allusion they will become grand and much better than everyone around them to be gazed at in awe without actually performing such a thing.

Aspiring meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Aspire

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  • (a.) That aspires; as, an mind.

Sentence Examples with the word Aspiring

Its internal weakness, between the danger of anarchy and the opposition of the monar chists, was extreme; and it soon became discredited by its own coups detat and by financial impotence in the eyes of a nation sick of revolution, aspiring towards peace and the resumption of economic undertakings.

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