What does Aspartame mean?

Aspartame meaning in General Dictionary

a synthetic sweetener containing an aspartic acid peptide C14H18N2O5 its 160 times sweeter than sucrose cane sugar and it is made use of as a calorie no-cost sweetener Chemically it really is N L alpha aspartyl L phenylalanine 1 methyl ester it's offered also in trade name Equal

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  • an artificial sweetener created from aspartic acid; utilized as a calorie-free sweetener

Aspartame meaning in Medical Dictionary

A man-made sweetener with almost no calories found in place of sugar.

Aspartame meaning in Etymology Dictionary

commercial name of an artificial sweetener, 1973, from aspartic acid (1836), formed irregularly from asparagine (1813), a compound present in asparagus, beet-root, etc., that has been named from asparagus + chemical suffix -ine (2). The reason for -ame is unknown.