What does Asmodeus offering mean?

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In Asmodeus worship a symbolic human give up.A younger,beatiful and virgin lady is chosen as a willing give up.They very first meet with the girl in which she's given many gifts some very expensive.the woman human anatomy will be cleansed and perfumed. She is gets on a mobile throne just like the type used by kings long ago and is then carried to the next space where in actuality the other countries in the worshipers are sitting.She after that gets up and would go to where a sizable plater was placed that will be large enough to guide the woman whore body which made either gold,silver or some other prescious steel which she lays down on. A priest after that comes and it has intercourse with her.The loss of her virginity is the virgins symbolic death and rebirth as a more desirable woman.Asmodeus worshipers establish a lady as any real human female who has got had the woman very first menstruation wheather on a single day or years back.