What does Askell mean?

Askell meaning in Urban Dictionary

a person who is mistery and always is far from others. This individual likes his / her very own serenity nevertheless when he or she found somebody so she or he will likely to be love all of them forever. This individual is truly timid and it is really hard for him or her state something about emotions.

Askell meaning in Names Dictionary

Son of Dufniall.
Name Origin: Norse
Name Gender: Male

Sentence Examples with the word Askell

Of the north there are the sagas of Kormak (930-960), most primitive of all, a tale of a wild poet's love and feuds, containing many notices of the heathen times; of Vatzdeelasaga (890-980), relating to the settlement and the chief family in Waterdale; of Hallfred the poet (996-1014), narrating his fortune at King Olaf's court, his love affairs in Iceland, and finally his death and burial at Iona; of Reyk -deela (990), which preserves the lives of Askell and his son Viga-Skuti; of Svarf-deela (980-990), a cruel, coarse story of the old days, with some good scenes in it, unfortunately imperfect, chapters I-10 being forged; of VigaGlum (970-990), a fine story of a heathen hero, brave, crafty and cruel.

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