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A place where kids visit be ridiculed by younger kids and then be forced into giving naked photographs of by themselves to older kids to show they may not be fakes.The teenagers will likely then post the pictures on ATP, therefore the kid will likely be ridiculed by a huge selection of faceless perverts.The kid will then discover that the spot is a good destination to mope to about every thing wrong along with their life, however they will recieve no shame through the other kids, the they will threaten to kill themselves.The kid will morph into the older children, and begin ridiculing newer ones.The youngster will spam secrets and assert Chris Brown woman is cool additionally the son or daughter will endeavour to have people speed their pictures in a "hot post" but are going to be provided for the bottom of the list because of the older children that have phony accounts to thumb up unique posts.The child will argue about anything in a single post, and guard it next and certainly will begin to realize they usually have drifted far from relatives and buddies irl plus they now believe things they never though had been funny are hilarious, including physical violence, racism, and rape.The child will discover newer kids with much better tresses be a little more well-known and will threaten to leave.They will actually simply lurk for an hour or so then reappear to mope about how precisely much more all messed up their particular life is than everybody else's.The child will amass a large amount of son or daughter pornography and commence texting strangers and certainly will make phony is the reason thumbs up.