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simply Ask Satan (the book) is a collection of Michelle J. Wong’s articles from their homonymous web task (he is twitching now while you browse the word “homonymous”). With a brand name of humor beyond good and bad, relentlessly mocking all topic things, all peoples, all parts of society and all sorts of futile man tries to get this to distress of a global more livable, only Ask Satan is only a modern-day skip Lonelyhearts for evil at heart.The guide is organized in five parts dealing each with a specific subject: Family, Dating & relations, community, Politics, Religion & Existentialism. They are only basic headings, as each column shows a veritable tour de force of free association, nightmarish cognition and detail by detail vivisections associated with outrageous elements that fill the whole world we inhabit and means we conceive from it. A great blend of the sane indignation of a George Carlin as well as the rebellious outbursts of a Sam Kinison, Wong’s harangues begin in tender mocking and end up in something dangerously near real personal criticism (the politically-incorrect material great humor consists of, truly). Here’s quite from a question towards mistreatment of women in articles of simply Ask Satan: