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NounAn after-dinner gathering of Asian US moms and dads and their children. Because Asian moms and dads often reject the likelihood of befriending non-Asian colleagues and neighbors, these become their primary social activity. As a result, the average Asian family members attends a minumum of one Asian celebration on any given week. In the event that hosts insists that people arrive around 7, the first visitor will often come at exactly 8:30.Festivities can include:Playing cardsKaraokeAn inflated quantity of sunflower seedsWatching the Asian young ones perform pianoTalking in what groceries have now been on saleTalking about white peopleNian GaoA ping-pong tournamentComparing the children' SAT scores*list not exhaustiveThe kids will both be friends (causing future vacasians) or will keep to themselves, choosing to go out only with their particular electronics (iPhones, Nintendo DS, Kindle, etc.) Asian functions often get late in to the night.Alternate types are the Asian supper party (friends often arrive punctually and certainly will deliver an Asian meal to this potluck-style event) as well as the Vacasian. functions tossed by Asian moms and dads whom always invite a great many other Asian households. Constantly requires great food and often karaoke and cards.