What does Asian option mean?

Asian option meaning in Law Dictionary

HARD SOLUTION that grants the client a payoff in line with the geometric or arithmetic SUGGEST cost of the UNDERLYING reference over a predetermined averaging period (for example., ASIAN TAIL). The reward may be dependant on using the normal way to the buying price of the underlying (TYPICAL COST SOLUTION) or even the STRIKE COST (AVERAGE STRIKE ALTERNATIVE). Also referred to as AVERAGE SOLUTION.

Asian option meaning in Business Dictionary

Option contract when the payoff (distinction between the purchase cost as well as the workout price) is founded on the common cost of the root asset on a certain group of times over a length and (unlike an American option or European choice) instead of one day. These option brands, however, refer only to the types of options and never to any geographical area. Also referred to as Asian style option, normal choice, typical cost option, normal price option, or average design alternative.