What does Asian Peacock mean?

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No, perhaps not a bird for you flaky bird fans...this is for some of pals just who like to pass out at functions...and they may be impossible to wake up...have enjoyable with this particular one.The "Asian Peacock" started showing its plumage in belated 90's at parties across west Canada. Just what would occur, is the fact that the first person to pass-out at the party would-be stood up-and bent over the sleep along with their particular jeans and undies pulled straight down around their (or the woman) legs.after that, the individuals in attendance just who "happened" to have a Asian fan(ooooh, the females had been sweating and started to fan by themselves - that sorts of lover - preferred in Eastern Asian manner)...would place the termination of the lover INTO the butt associated with passed-out person. Open up the fan, along with yourselves an "Asian Peacock" - known as after the fashion prominent in Eastern Asia.Pictures associated with the famous peacocks are obtainable anywhere from the web...sales of followers are skyrocketing across North America again...in as many styles that can come to be made...industry booms instantly.