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Typically anything above any class above a 90 or an "A"- with respect to the person (or maybe more most likely their immigrant parents) this "pass" limit vary anywhwere from a 90 to a 95.This standard, is through no means unique to those of Asian lineage. Its comprehended that a lot of Asian moms and dads expect their particular kids to visit Harvard, or MIT, or Violin prodigy college; therefore, a failure by normal requirements, a 69 or lower, typically are certain to get an Asian killed by their particular moms and dads... or completely disowned... Whichever is even worse.So we make reference to this ridiculous system of grading as Asian pass.-Not to-be mistaken for an identical *standard that's often utilized by that irritating pretentious kid everybody else hates which complains about getting a 92 on a test.*these folks typically don't already have a typical and merely choose to whine about their particular "crappy" grade in order to make other individuals feel inferior.People with "Asian requirements" will suffer some kind of outcome including a hour long scold fest to loss in scholarships or somthing like this; thus, their particular dissatisfaction is fairly legitamate. Receiving a level of B- in virtually any subject. Although going to draw the ire of nearly any Asian mother or father, it is certainly the same as another kid receiving a C-. Additionally termed so since this may be the lowest quality one could usually used to boast to others.