What does Asian FOB mean?

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An Asian individual typically from Asia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, along with other locations in Asia in addition to pacific area, having simply found its way to the usa of America. The expression F.O.B. indicates the words “Fresh from the Boat.”This particular Asian individual generally has arrived toward US for a number of explanations:1) to analyze and/or graduate at a college2) To better their comprehension and pronunciation regarding the English language3) to the office difficult and attain wide range in order that he/she/they can deliver cash back to their family members straight back home4) to reside a life of efforts and commitment therefore opening a businessAn Asian FOB unfortuitously usually gets stereotyped for not talking proficient English and also if you are a poor motorist. But these are just stereotypes. Not everyone fits into those categories.Asian FOB’s often carry conventional family members values. Dedication and selflessness are features of these dedication and their particular life. Many FOB’s have actually hopes and dreams and aspirations like any other individual, but they are conscious that family members comes very first.