What does Asiah Asiah mean?

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A girl who is very non-judgemental, wants to have some fun and it isn't a slut or a whore but still is just one sexy bitch. She appears to be mean but truly she cares. Her heart is a lot like a locked field full of secrets and it is just exposed to incorporate much more never ever present them. She actually is insecure and even though she doesn't realize she actually is gorgeous. She is wise along with her laugh makes your heart miss a beat. If you date the lady she'd never cheat you but would break you prefer a stick in the event that you cheated on her behalf. This woman is the most effective bestfriend you might ever desire and it is a fantastic individual. Once you become friends its for life. To her each buddy is a precious jewel. So when your down she is able to make yo smile. At first you believe she's got to-be either of African or Asian good, after that visited learn she is an extremely Irish looking girl, who is incredibly funny and suggest all simultaneously, very non judgmental (if this woman is your friend) extremely pretty and one of the greatest friends you could have!, One bad benefit of this lady is, she's never ever seen Purple rain