What does Ashraful mean?

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ash-ra-ful, additionally pronounced, baa-boo.a male characterized by an abnormally big head, often enduring child-like functions, that may cause shock whenever their particular true many years are uncovered, specially around fifteen years of age.ashrafuls are very good at sports and that can frequently fool around with both their right and left hands, being rather amphibious, together famous ashraful had as soon as stated.ashrafuls may also be frequently spotted sprawled on the ground before huge displays that will emit light at HD prices, many favorably, in "al-bundy" design. this is certainly typical if you have entered their internal den. should you ever spot one, give consideration to yourself happy, but be weary of instant handshake that will follow.when discussing an, or mimicking an ashraful, a high-pitched, nasal voice can be used relating for their standard mating calls.