What does Ashkenazim mean?

Ashkenazim meaning in Etymology Dictionary

(plural) "central and north European Jews" (instead of Sephardim, Jews of Spain and Portugal), 1839, from Hebrew Ashkenazzim, plural of Ashkenaz, eldest boy of Gomer (Gen. x:3), additionally title of a people pointed out in Jer. li:27 (possibly similar to Greek skythoi "Scythians," compare Akkadian ishkuzai); identified typically with different people; in Middle Ages, with all the Germans.

Sentence Examples with the word Ashkenazim

In the modern pronunciation the principal differences are between the Ashkenazim (German and Polish Jews) and the Sephardim (Spanish and Portuguese Jews), and concern not only the vowels but also certain consonants, and in some cases probably go back to early times.

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