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An Ashi is gorgeous, wise and hot often brown girl. More often than not, obtained big expressive eyes. She has numerous admirers falling for her but most of that time she doesnt know that. She's bashful externally but once you get to understand her this woman is a outgoing, enjoyable and beautiful individual be around. Most Ashi's are meant for brown guys, tall and good looking. An Ashi is typically paired with a brown Justin. An Alien through the mysterious world of zeekigand-o , this stubby "Teletubby" three-legged beast is very fond of the "crazy Movie". He has got a fetish for Bongs and will do just about anything at no cost Stuff. He is known to startle innocent kids during the night together with unexpected smile and retarded laugh. He'd already been kept in cryostasis considering that the end regarding the Kalinga Wars, but escaped throughout the Pokhran Nuclear Testing of 1999 and holed up in an obscure part of Rajasthan, Asia. Poor people chap today has actually difficulty finding delicious meals and it is known to whine about that fact on a regular basis. Chief amongst their weaknesses is Narcotics and Alcohol- he faints on very sight of them. He could be identified to savor and motivate , by vigorous orchestration, spanking on his specific Zee-spot. The Government recently hired this extra-terrestrial doofus to assist resolve the actual situation associated with Missing Niggers of Calcutta;due to their brilliant Tips and Entrepreneurial finnesse.Philosophy founded on this Alien Principle : Zeelosophy ; focused on philanthropy and mushroom-hogging,amongst other worldly dilemmas. A white man from the land of San Jose that fakes Indian history to wow girls. An effeminate person who buys his clothes from an AARP catalog. An entire coconut. Doreo.