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The pseudonym of a British comedian whom ratings knock down video gaming sytems, activity numbers, mp3 people, or other interesting tat that winds up in the regional PoundLand.he is aquainted aided by the likes of cook Excellence, The Jesus Monster of Indian Flats, additionally the Silver Skull...a ridiculous "serial killer" that keeps a grudge against him SIMPLY BECAUSE.He's known for their sarcastic, usually random, and quite often witty comedy that makes their absurd and ludicrously implausable line of work appear to be one thing well worth doing.he is the fourth most subscribed YouTube user in United Kingdom...and that is about all he is achieved together with his life. 1.Sup0r S3xy B34st.2.An utterly awesome cool guy. The dried out condition black individuals' epidermis gets in if they require some cream. The maximum solitary metal musical organization from Middletown, Rhode Island.