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principal female character in FFXII. Has the biggest butt of all the Final Fantasy girls. Was a princess that has eight brothers and a father(king) who passed away in the same war. She is hell-bent on revenge, and unknowingly moves with a celebration user who killed her dad. 1. Lead character associated with the Crow II: City of Angels2. A young lady, typically poetically depressed, which dislikes exactly how typical the woman name, "Ashley", is actually. Because of this, she attempts to spruce it up with the addition of an "e" towards "Ash" bit. Typically, an "Ashe" may be the one sitting by herself and smoking at parties, or even the first one drunk, spewing out Shakesperean quotations. What we call Ashley. It derives from the typical misspelling of Ashley as Ashely. 1. Character from Crow: City of Angels2. Girl from Wausau, WI who can be graduating June 7 2004; likes 80's tresses rings, cars, Nikki Sixx, and stupid Brits(Scottish Muslims).