What does Ashanti mean?

Ashanti meaning in Names Dictionary

Ashanti is a variant of Asante (&-´san-tE) that will be really a male, Kiswahili word for "many thanks." Ashanti (&-´shan-tE) is a name of a Gana tribe; an associate of a people of southern Ghana; the dialect of Akan spoken by the Ashanti people.
Name Origin: African
Name Gender: feminine

Ashanti meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1705, Asiantines, among the Akan people of central Ghana; native title. As a language, its an element of the Niger-Congo family.

Sentence Examples with the word Ashanti

A trading station called Georgetown is situated on McCarthy's Island, so named after Sir Charles McCarthy, the governor of Sierra Leone, who in 1824 was captured and beheaded by the Ashanti at the battle of Essamako.

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