What does Asexual mean?

Asexual meaning in General Dictionary

Having no distinct sex without sexual action as asexual reproduction See Fission and Gemmation

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  • not having or involving intercourse
  • Having no distinct sex; without intimate activity; as, asexual reproduction. See Fission and Gemmation.

Asexual meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. Without libido or interest. Someone with seemingly no intimate drive. 2. Referring to reproduction without the mix of hereditary material with another individual. Fungus can reproduce asexually by budding.

Asexual meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1830, as a phrase in biology, a hybrid from a- (2) "not" + intimate. As a whole contexts, attested from 1896.

Asexual meaning in Sexual Dictionary

1) having no obvious intercourse or intercourse body organs. Sexless. 2) person who does not have physical destination towards the same or opposite sex.

Sentence Examples with the word Asexual

Reproduction is both asexual and sexual.

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