What does Aseervatham mean?

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Means "blessing" in Tamil, one of many ancient languages of the world, if you previously fulfill this child you'll see precisely how well this name fits him, trigger when you meet him you understand you've been endowed by (God/gods/a mysterious force/something else) with the lifelong relationship of one of the very most amazing individuals there's. This child cannot seem like a great deal on the exterior ;D his not enough muscle tissue of confidence can appear misleading, but he can cause you to laugh or laugh any time, anywhere, and could you on saddest day of everything, or could probably even stop you from previously having a worst day's yourself. He's cheerful, outbound, sociable, friendly, but could be serious as he should be, and it is 100% trustworthy. You'd be hardpressed discover a far better friend than him.Oh, and allows keep in mind his allure and ability to get the ladies ;)