What does Ascorbic acid mean?

Ascorbic acid meaning in Medical Dictionary

Vitamin C, an essential nutrient discovered primarily in vegetables & fruits. The body calls for ascorbic acid so that you can form and keep maintaining bones, arteries, and epidermis. Ascorbic acid in addition encourages the healing of slices, abrasions and wounds; assists fight infections; prevents transformation of irritants in smog, cigarette smoke, and certain foods into cancer-causing substances; seems to reduce the possibility of establishing high blood pressure and heart disease; assists regulate cholesterol levels; prevents the development of scurvy; seems to reduce the risk of building cataracts; and supports metal consumption. Ascorbic acid trigger adverse reactions when taken with a few medications.

Ascorbic acid meaning in Cooking Dictionary

The chemical title for vitamin C. It is utilized as an antidarkening agent for fresh fruits, along with an antioxidant and preservative.

Ascorbic acid meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Vitamin C; C6F1806; proven to avoid scurvy and is found in fruits & vegetables.

Ascorbic acid meaning in General Dictionary

a vitamin present in fresh fruits (especially citric fruits) and veggies; prevents scurvy