What does Asclepius mean?

Asclepius meaning in Names Dictionary

God of medication.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Male

Asclepius meaning in Medical Dictionary

among the first Greek gods to specialize in healing. He had been known to the Romans as Aesculapius. Healers and the ones in need of recovery invoked Asclepius' title in prayer and recovery ceremonies in temples and at home. A healing clan referred to as Asclepiads claimed become the descendants of Asclepius and also to have inherited a knowledge and mystical energy of healing from him.

Asclepius meaning in Etymology Dictionary

god of medication, Latin, from Greek Asklepios, which is of unidentified source.

Asclepius meaning in General Dictionary

son of Apollo; a hero therefore the Roman god of medication and recovery; his daughters were Hygeia and Panacea

Sentence Examples with the word Asclepius

Her cult was not introduced at .Epidaurus till a late date, and therefore, when in 420 B.C. the worship of Asclepius was introduced at Athens coupled with that of Hygieia, it is not to be inferred that she accompanied him from Epidaurus, or that she is a Peloponnesian importation at all.

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