What does Ascites mean?

Ascites meaning in General Dictionary

an accumulation of serous substance in hole of stomach dropsy of the peritoneum

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  • buildup of serous liquid in peritoneal hole
  • A collection of serous fluid within the cavity of the abdomen; dropsy associated with peritoneum.

Ascites meaning in Medical Dictionary

An abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen. There are many reasons for ascites, including cirrhosis regarding the liver, disease in the abdomen, congestive heart failure, and tuberculosis.

Ascites meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "abdominal dropsy," from Latin ascites, from Greek askites (hydrops), virtually "baglike dropsy," from askos "bag, sac."

Ascites meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The collection of liquid inside peritoneal cavity.

Ascites meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A collection of serous substance into the cavity associated with the stomach; dropsy associated with peritoneum.

Sentence Examples with the word Ascites

The liquid of ascites sometimes contains chyle in abundance (hydrops lacteus), the escape having taken place from a ruptured receptaculum chyli.

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