What does Ascending order mean?

Ascending order meaning in Law Dictionary

the way in which data is sorted from tiniest to largest worth.

Ascending order meaning in Business Dictionary

Sorting system when the kind starts from tiniest or lowest price (0, 1 or A, for example) and proceeds towards the largest or highest worth. Descending order, in comparison, starts using the highest and proceeds towards cheapest.

Ascending order meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

your order in how information is sorted or organized, ascending purchase is always organized from least expensive to greatest. Like, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" and "a, b, c, d, age, f" tend to be both arranged in ascending purchase.

Sentence Examples with the word Ascending order

Green to brown, in ascending order for the land; blue, indigo and violet for the sea, increasing in intensity with the height or the depth.

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